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Zilveren SpinAward Young Talent 2013


"Why isn't this app there yet? I should have thought of this!"

Golden Dot Award 2013

Golden Dot Awards

"The great thing about this app is that it focuses on one specific thing."

DMCI Oscar Beste Verhaal

DMCI Oscars

"Winner DMCI Oscars in the category students: Best Story: Moet Ik Rennen? (Do I need to run?)"

Voer je traject in

For the entire public transport

Check departure and arrival information for trains, busses, subways, trams and ferries. Fill in your route in a quick and easy way. Use your current location to see if you need to run in order to arrive on time for your public transportation vehicle.

Real-time Data

Real-time data

The app uses real-time public transit information. A countdown clock shows how much time you have left before departure. The departure times are up-to-date, so possible delays are taken into account.

Geen Haast Korting

No Rush Discount

In case you aren't in a hurry or in case you've missed your public transportation vehicle, you can use special offers at the Dutch railway stations. Waiting isn't a big deal anymore, or actually... it is!